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Another year almost gone. The year has been mixed with many ups and downs, but the good things outweigh any of the downs. I have my National Certification for Massage Therapy and graduated with the highest honors. I got to try going to Chicago. Though catching pneumonia for the last 5 weeks means I've had to completely drop out of the program for now. Which I am ok with. I need to focus on my health and working. Have several prospects lined up, I think these are better than what I've tried before. So we shall see.

Brief update.

Well a lot has happened since my last post. I don't really spend much time on LJ anymore. Not really. I am now officially a Student Doctor of Chinese Medicine. It is going well. Though it is odd to have people call me doctor in clinic. 2.5 years left to go and I graduate. I passed my National Exam for Massage Therapy and now am a Nationally licensed massage therapist. Now to get over this cold and get a job.

My life is in flux and it's been a really difficult year. I am trying to stay positive, being positive is key to all imo, and I think things are looking up overall. While this year could be marked mostly by the illnesses I've had to deal with, it is also been marked by the resolution of most health issues. Now the Lymes disease and GI issue it causes are all that is left. Next year I hope to be marked by the increased skills in healthcare and my step towards becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Three years since a Memorial Day weekend Con

I can't believe I haven't been on in so long. The illness hit me hard for the last two months. Doing better now, but between sickness and personal life stress, I really fell of the earth on a lot of things. :( I still feel like I am drowing to a point.

MarCon, wow. It's snuck up on me. Mostly due to health and stress and everything else going on. It seems odd to be planning for a con again around Memorial Day Weekend. Of course I am missing class to go, but that's ok. We have the following saturday off due to building issues with the school. I like this, but at same time don't.

My doctor, I have to say I am incredibly happy with my doctor. She was on vacation, but read her email and replied to me and even called a prescription in for me to the pharmacy. She has some research she is doing for me on adrenal problems. Gee me with Weak adrenal glands, not really a surprise there.
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It sucks to get sick on your birthday, but it's even worse to be sick on the day you planned to celebrate it. Sigh.

time flies

I couldn't beleive it when phawkwood and I were talking about 07 and he pointed out it was our tenth anniversary coming up. Where did the years go? Just...wow. And it's typical for us...he knows the number of years and day and I am so bad about it. ::chuckles::


Daranacon is progressing. We now have the following confirmed guests:

  • Mira Furlan, Actor Lost and Bablyon 5
  • Tom Hodges, Artist
  • Peter Beagle, Author
  • Tempest of Miami, Belly Dance
  • Local Stranger, Special Musical Guest w/ opening band of The Alibi

There may be one more listed in the next couple of days.
The masquerade is beginning to shape up and we'll have information on it and the Art Show posted within the next couple of weeks.

Old Memories...wow

I ran across the LJ of an old friend. One who I knew pre-internet days as it were. Though she was one of the ones who moved with us into the age of connectivity. It's nice. I always wondered what happened to her and her husband and how she was doing. I'm really glad to see her artwork is still going strong. It's nice to, sort of, reconnect.
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Gakked from mikasteelelell

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U*Con 2006

Well this makes U*Con number 10 for me that I've run ops at U*Con. Missed 2001, but phawkwood ran it that year. It was great to see folks I haven't seen in a year. Not that there was much time to spend visiting during the con, but was very enjoyable. I will in many ways miss being a part of the concom for U*Con, but I Daranacon has a couple more years under it and I am not trying to be a full time student, or I am at least settled into medical school, and work full time....Going back to play and GM will be very enjoyable.